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Weekend update

21 April 2014

We had a busy and fun weekend around here! My family came in on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with us and we had a good time just doing a whole lot of nothing.

Friday night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and came home for my little sister to assume her usual position on the couch, snapchatting away...

Saturday we went to an awards banquet for my little brother to get an award for being named Top 10 Senior at Alabama...what a smarty pants. 

We tried our best to be supportive during a long, boring luncheon

And then yesterday we went to Easter mass and came home to have brunch, before my family left and C and I passed out cold on the couch watching Parks and Rec.

How was your weekend?

settling back in

01 April 2014

Well, not to be dramatic, but I thought my life was going to end yesterday morning when my alarm went off at the bright and early hour of 5:15 am.

Now, that's not to say that I actually rolled out of bed at 5:15, but that's the time my alarm went off. And I had settled into my little spring break routine of twelve+ hours of sleep THANK YOU VERY MUCH and it was all pulled out from underneath me like a cruel joke.

But never fear. I sat down this afternoon and counted out the school days I have until summer, and it was 41. Forty one. I can do anything for 41 days, right?


In other news, because I am sure y'all don't want me to wax poetically about how ready I am for summer seeing as most adults don't get to hang out with nine year old kids all day and take two months off...

1. How I Met Your Mother ended last night, and while I've largely missed the last three seasons, I was a devotee for five years. I didn't watch it last night, which is just as well because I saw ALL OF THE SPOILERS on twitter and am a little horrified at what they did.

2. I've thoroughly enjoyed March Madness this year. I'm not a basketball fan by any means, but I do enjoy Kentucky and like beating C in our bracket. {As of yesterday I was beating him by 30 points and that's all that matters because bragging rights.}

3. I believe it was Melanie who posted about Lulu and Georgia a few weeks ago and upon paroosing it I found these absolutely darling cards that I think I need to procure immediately and send to my best friends. Aren't they cute?

4. I was in a fantastic rhythm of going to the gym 3-5 times a week for spin class and then spring break happened. I had every intention of going yesterday but when I got home I laid on my bed to check an email on my phone and work up an hour later with my head facedown on my duvet cover. So you know, the gym didn't happen yesterday either. I have high hopes for the rest of the week.

5. I ordered some cute matchbooks a few weeks ago off Etsy {store owner is BelloPop} for no other reason than I've always wanted some, and they didn't disappoint. Aren't they precious? 

Decorative Matchboxes - set of 3

What's been happening in your life recently?

spring break and practicality

27 March 2014

Let's not call it a 'brain dump', but here's what's been on my mind recently...

I had an absolutely wonderful first half of spring break with my family and friends in Baton Rouge. I got to spend a day shopping with my sister, watch my sister run in a track meet {she didn't get her love of running from me}, and meet up with my best friends in the world for dinner, among other things.

Sometimes, a long weekend  with the people who've known you since you were 6 is just what you need.

Since coming home, I've been on a cleaning tear throughout the house {poor C} and have been ORGANIZING ALL OF THE THINGS. 

I know, when did Spring Break get so exciting? Once upon a time, I spent my spring breaks hopping around on Bourbon Street, or day-drinking on the beach.

Now I spend them cleaning out closets and Clorox-wiping everything in the house.

During my cleaning spree, though, I've also been perfecting my online shopping skills and procrastination skills. Also, my pinterest skills.

This is what my den aspires to be one day. I love the pops of green and the leather couch {I've already lost the cream couch battle- darn that practical husband}.

nice neutral living room with leather couch (if anyone knows original source, please let me know so that I can give proper credit!)

Also, this bedroom. {Although I've already the lost the 'beautiful upholstered headboard' battle because, again, my husband is practical. Sigh}

Ashley Winn Design - bedrooms - Chains Indoor - Outdoor Rug - Natural, Wisteria X-Base Stool, Stein World Accent Chest In Textured Champagne...

If I cannot have a beautiful linen headboard or cream couch, however, I'll just have to settle on a pretty monogrammed pillow to put in a side chair we have sitting in our den.

monogrammed pillow cover - NEW COLORS and styles - customize font style and ink color

Isn't it perfect? I think it needs to make an appearance in my living room soon, but instead of that pretty blue, I'll order it in tan. You know, so it'll match any room I move it to.

Seems like C isn't the only practical fuddy duddy around here...